Tour de Dirt and Covid-19

Unfortunately it appears that Covid-19 will still be something we are living with on October 25th 2020.  We want to make sure that all are safe, and feel safe.   Although there are times, (like eating and riding) when you will NOT be REQUIRED to wear a mask, other than that, masks are required.

Entering any building requires wearing a mask.  

Start of Ride:

  • Staggered starts, the longest rides will start first.  Starting riders will be given start points 10feet apart to help eliminate folks clustering together at the start of the event.  At this time we believe the start times will be 8am for the Full Pull, 8:30am for the Fiddy and 9am for the remainder of the riders.

While riding:

  • Mask are not required
  • It is expected that participants will socially distance from other cyclists AT ALL TIMES
  • Plenty’s Volunteer Safety Protocol requires that passengers riding in a vehicle being driven by a Plenty! volunteer must ride in the back seat and wear a mask; a buff is not enough.  If you do not have a mask one will be provided.  All vehicles and aid stations will have masks and sanitziers.


  • All registrants must wear a mask in the registration area.
  • We will be reminding all about social distancing.
  • Registration stations will open at 7AM

Aid Stations:

  • Snacks at aid stations will be prepared lunch bag style… folks are expected to wear a mask when approaching the aid station… water bottles will be filled for you and you can take a snack bag… after collecting your snack, please move away from the serving table so that appropriate distances can be maintained by all. Masks and hand sanitizer will be available at each station.  Please observe social distance during this process.

After Party:

  • Again, when you are not eating or drinking, wear a mask.
  • Tables will be set up outside on the stage (and other places)  for socializing.    Tables will be set distanced.  Please respect those distances.
  • To-go containers will be offered in addition to our special Plenty pottery bowls. Folks can have the great food without sticking around.

In General

  • We will be cleaning and disinfecting high contact surfaces every 60 minutes during operations.
  • Tabletops, chairs and credit card / bill folders will be cleaned between patrons.
  • Portable restrooms will be sanitized every hour.