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Because of Plenty!’s ability to leverage buying power and recover food from grocery stores, universities, farms, and others, Plenty! distributes $2.89 worth of food for every dollar we receive. Plenty! provides families with an average of 32 lbs. per visit (2-3 large grocery bags of food) with an average of value of $53.44 and enough to provide our typical senior citizen household with enough food for a week.

I would love to have an infographic of sorts.  Attached is a simple one I made in 2019. (needs updating) The one below is from another food bank (cuter)  I also have a plot that shows how we distribute food across the county

COVID Response Drive Through Pantry

COVID RESPONSE – photo, link to covid protocol doc

When Covid hit, we began distributing pre-packed bags via a drive thru (same days and hours as we always have).  The Covid crisis highlighted that Plenty! serves an “at-risk” population that is not only challenged economically, but also significantly challenged in terms of health conditions, mostly diet-related:

  • 1/2 of households have at least one elderly resident
  • 7 in 10 households include one or more people with diet-related illness (diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, etc.) 

Because we send families home with bags of groceries (including larger bags for large families), we feed an average of 2.8 people with each distribution of groceries that includes ingredients for multiple home-cooked meals per visit. 

In response to Covid constraints, we have also been delivering education, PPE and resource information through a Pantry News(letter), recipes, and flyers stuffed in pantry and delivery bags. Free “Garden To Go” kits, seeds and organic plant starts have been distributed to more than 100 families to empower and educate people to grow food on their own.

No judgement for getting food like I've experienced elsewhere.

–Google Review

Before I started coming here, I never ate vegetables.

–Food Pantry Patron

Plenty! is one of the most important parts of my life.

–Plenty! Volunteer

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