Nourishing community and feeding hungry neighbors by growing and sharing food.

  Thanksgiving Schedule is as follows:

  Pantry Monday and Tuesday (normal hours)

  Home Deliveries will be done Monday and Tuesday

  Plenty will be Closed Wednesday  Nov. 22 Thru Sunday Nov. 26

  Happy Thanksgiving


Come to Plenty!

Food Pantry Hours

Monday: 1pm-4pm
Tuesday: 10am-1pm
Thursday: 4pm-6:30pm     No transportation? 

November 28th is Giving Tuesday.

Individuals Served At Least Once In 2022

Pounds of Food Distributed Each Week

Food Pantry Visits/Deliveries Each Week


of Floyd County Residents Lack Access At Times To Adequate Food

Volunteers Per Week

Home Deliveries Each Year

Contributing Abundance

Got a garden surplus?  Bring it to Plenty!

Nourishing Community

We hope to soon return to our Community Meals.

Encouraging Healthy Eating

By growing our food, we encourage healthier diets.

Welcoming Community

You will always find a smile here!

Nurturing Generosity

Our community is full of generosity.

Cultivating Freshness

Teaching where our food comes from.

Preserving Tradition

Traditions are meant to be taught and passed on to future generations.

Join Us For Community Meals

Check our calendar for upcoming dates!

Policies & Resources

Food Pantry Hours

Monday: 1pm-4pm

Tuesday: 10am-1pm

Thursday: 4pm-6:30pm