Covid-19 & Plenty!

In response to local and national recommendations for mitigating the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, we must act. Plenty! operations will continue to serve our community in this time of great need, but new protocols will be in place. Please check FACEBOOK for the latest information on how to receive food if you are in need.

If you are exhibiting signs of illness, especially fever or cough please do not come to the food pantry. Instead call ahead and we will instruct you on the best way to receive supplemental food.

We encourage donation drop-offs during times when there is no food distribution and the associated volunteer/patron traffic to maximize social distancing, etc.

We request that you do not enter the building. Please wear a mask and either knock on the door or call from the parking lot (540) 745-3898.  Donation Hours are:
Monday 9-10
Tuesday 2-4
Wednesday 11-1
Thursday 11-1

Thank you for doing your part in keeping our community healthy, as we continue to do our part to provide essential services when the need becomes greater.

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